• Closure of the conference
  • Honor the participants
  • lunch break
  • Wide local media coverage
  • The sessions continue on the second and final day of the conference
  • Workshops
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  • starting the Sessions
  • Coffee break

  • Opening conference
  • Final preparations
    Under the direct supervision of the President of the University Hamid Al-Tamimi during his presence in the College of Education with Dean Prof. Dr. Sabah Aati and Head of the Department of Computer Science Prof. Dr. Khaled Al-Mayyah to supervise the final touches regarding the readiness of the hall in which the conference will be held, and the rest of the necessary supplies until late at night.

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  • Semi-final preparations

Computer Science Department employees are preparing to perform the necessary maintenance on the equipment for display, lighting, as well as printing posters and schedules for researchers

  • Decorating

Computer Science Department staff with the current department students and graduates began decorating the department today, Monday, two days before the conference was held to show the department in the best way in front of visitors and researchers.

  • Inspection Tour

The Dean of the College of Education, Prof. Dr. Sabah Aati visited today Computer Science Department, accompanied by the Scientific Assistant and Head of Mathematics Department , in the presence of the Head of the Computer Science Department, Dr. Khaled Al-Mayah to inspect the The halls where the research discussions will take place And find out the necessary needs in preparation for the conference after two days

  • Start invitations
  • Scientific Committee Meeting

scientific committee meeting to finalize the aspects of holding the conference within its specified period. for 1stCAS2019 Conference that will be hold in Al-Mustansyriah University- Education College- Computer Science Dept.-

  • Committee Chairs Meeting

A series of ongoing meetings between the Chairmen of the Conference Committees Finance, Preparatory and Scientific in order to : firstly discuss the accepted papers and follow-up the adjustment with the researchers to make the final decision,secondly facilitate the payment of the participation amount,and finally discuss the final shape of the PowerPoint Template and copyright sent by the participants in the conference

  • Extension

It was agreed to extend the period of submission to the conference due(1/11/2019) to the previous circumstances of Iraq in the disruption of the Internet and also to allow the opportunity for more researchers to participate.

  • Meetings

A series of continuous meetings were held for the conference committees and track chairs who will follow up on the conference paper to find out the researcher’s commitment to the form and the amendments required by the reviewer after notifying him with the acceptance of the paper..

  • Workshops

Intensive workshops to explain the mechanism of IEEE work and how to participate in the conference. where has been hold in the College of Education \ Mustansiriyah University

Some participants in the workshop

  • Signing of the contract

A cooperation contract was signed between the College of Education and the IEEE Foundation for holding a conference in mid-December 2019.

Signing of the contract

  • First meeting

The first meetings to discuss the possibility of holding a conference at the College of Education \ University of Mustansiriya in 2019 with support from IEEE .